For reference:

Slim ICS 3.4 thread on XDA Developer:
Slim ICS 3.4 Home Page:

Objective: All I wanted was a super lightweight ROM that would support BLN (Backlight LED Notification), Fast Charge, ability to customize things, and a ROM based on the newest ICS, 4.0.4, since doing a ICS upgrade from 2.3.6 bricked my phone. Also, I don’t feel I should need to overclock a phone to make it work harder and quicker as I want to have it run stable retain its battery life. It is my daily driver which I enjoy modifying,  so I do need the reliability to carry me to the end of the day.

A little about Slim ICS: In a nutshell, it is a stripped-out and modded-out version of ICS 4.0.4 – think of it as a ready to race version of a street car you can buy from a dealer showroom. It has everything you need to get you from one place to another yet it is light, fast, looks great, has what you need and then some more. Its quickness and smoothness makes for a very enjoyable smartphone experience. It has a super quick boot up time, 30 seconds from power up to showing the pattern lockscreen, and another 20 seconds to a usable workspace.

Customizing: Through the use of the “ASS” menu, pretty much all areas of the phone can be customized and tailored to every individual user’s needs and wants. For example. from the usual application drawer grid size and pressed-icon color, to different looks of the battery meters (indicators: a line, battery icon, with and without %), lockscreen, power menu, toggle button (and even its labels) customization,  power button for camera shutter. The list goes on.

Initial impressions: I’ve used a few different ROMs prior to coming across Slim ICS, namely the stock Gingerbread 2.3.6, Matr1x 1.0 w/ Matr1x kernel, and NexusBeam 4.2.3 w/ GLaDOS kernel  (which is also the order of enjoyability from least to greatest), Slim ICS is the best so far (granted, Matr1x was based on GB and NexusBeam was based on 4.0.3) – In my mind, Nexus S is not the newest and quickest phone anymore (nor has it ever been?), so it would be nice to not burden the hardware with anymore than it needs to do its job.

Below is somewhat of a detailed explaination of my installation (including additional language – viewing only – support). I’m still somewhat new to flashing firmware so I’m documenting this for myself to reference really. If you come across this post on Google and decide to follow it, I’m not responsible for any data loss or the potential possibility of bricking your phone. ALWAYS make a backup and ALWAYS read more than one guide before going through with any flashing for any kind of smart electronics.

1. Have your phone rooted- Detailed instructions thanks to Max @ -
2. Back up your current ROM using Clockworkmod ROM Manager (Free version from Play Store) in case you need to rollback. It is just good to have anyway to make a backup of the OS very month or so.

Go Download:
1. ADB driver package, comes with Fastboot – You should have this for rooting already.
2. Clockworkmod Recovery Image - (Find your phone and click on the appropriate “Download Recovery” version for it in the middle column and place it in the same dir as ADB and Fastboot)
3. Slim ICS 3.4 - - Click on the white version link,  scroll down to “Direct Link: Slim ICS 3.4,” and on the new page, download the “” and also “” and place both zip’s into a directory on your phone’s USB storage.

Installation of ICS Slim:
1. For simplicity, power off your phone and connect the USB cable between your phone and computer
2. Power up your phone by pressing Volume Up and Power simultaneously. When done correctly, you’ll see the Android boot screen waiting for your next input.
3. Open a DOS box on your Windows PC, go into your Fastboot folder and type in “fastboot boot recoveryxxxx.img” (whatever you named your recovery+version#) and hit enter. This will send the bootable image to your phone to make it boot off of it.

**From here on, use Volume Up/Down rocker to scroll and Power button as “enter” **

5. Go to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset.” (This wipes data on the internal memory for clean install and does not touch the USB mass storage). It’ll ask to confirm so scroll down to the one “Yes” and enter. (It’ll bring you back to the main menu everytime you hit “yes”.)
6. Go to “Wipe Cache,”  and “Yes.”
7. This time go into “Advanced,” “Wipe Dalvik Cache,” and “Yes.”

We are now ready to install the new Slim ICS ROM+Kernel.

1. – Select “Install zip from sdcard,” and scroll to where you put, select it, and let it unpack and install.
2. – Select “Install zip from sdcard” again and scroll to where you put the file, select it, and let it unpack and install.
3. Select “Reboot system now” and pretty soon you will be ready to boot into Slim ICS. Seriously pretty soon – it really doesn’t take long for Slim ICS to boot!

No data connection? APNs. Depending on your location and wireless provider, you may need to edit the APN’s before you are able to use any 2G or 3G data service. I’m on Rogers Wireless in Canada and I’ve had this experience before after installing NexusBeam, so here is a useful link with the APN info that saved me a couple of times.

To edit APNs, go into Wireless and Networks, Mobile Network, and add and change the appropriate APNs.

Useful ROM/Hardware-Level Apps to Download After

The number of apps bundled with this ROM is minimal, which is great, because we all have our own favorite apps to use. Below are the ones that I feel are quite essential to have in order to take full advantage of custom ROMs. There is a chance you may not be able to find some of your own apps in the Play Store, because it doesn’t recognize the model of the phone properly with some custom ROMs. Whenever I run into this, I just do a web search and when asked, I open the link using Play Store. (Market Enabler doesn’t seem to work for me on Slim ICS as it did on NexusBeam)

1. NSTools – I use this over “BLN Control (Free)” since it can set the Backlight LEDs to not blink. Blinking actually eats up the battery quicker.
2. Voodoo Sound – Adjusts RGB Multipliers (ideal: Red: 230, Green: 230, Blue: 270) and Gamma Hack
3. ROM Manager – Free from Play Store, use to back up and restore your ROMs. It creates zipped images on your USB Storage.

Adding language (viewing) support

As you might’ve already read on the Slim ICS web site, this ROM only supports displaying and inputting 5 languages and Chinese is not one of them. As I’m sure Slim ICS author “krarvind” has already spent a lot on this ROM for all of us to enjoy, there is no reason to waste anymore of his time by asking him to implement a locale specific feature.

For me, I don’t know how to write Chinese so being able to type it on my phone is not a big deal. However, it’d be nice for Chinese characters to show up for Googlemaps (as I’m on vacation in Shanghai as I write this), song titles or web pages even. So a quick and easy way to add language display is to find a zipped ROM that you know supports your language of choice (in my case, NexusBeam), copy the missing fonts from the /system/fonts folder over to Slim ICS’s and voila!

If you want to be able to type your own language, I’ve read you’ll need to unpack this and hex-edit that.. sorry, I’m not able to help you out here…

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